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CustomQuick is our expedited custom/bespoke program with extremely attractive pricing.  Choose up to 16 colors from our curated palette of 214, and rug sizes up to 9' wide and 300' long. The rugs are hand-tufted from 100% 2-ply New Zealand wool, created by master weavers in India. We are partners with GoodWeave, an international organization that ensures that our mills do not use child labor or other exploitative practices, and which uses the fees we pay them to improve the lives of the workers and their families.

Get Started

Take a look at some of our designs (the collection is growing all the time). Remember that if none of these meets your needs we'll work with you to design one that does, at no extra cost!

Review our color palette. You can use any 16 of these, and we'll help you match to colors in your home or publicly available color samples.

For an overview of how custom rugs are made see the articles under Custom Rugs

Get in touch. Call 339.298.9192, write to Catherine{at-sign}, or use this convenient form.

Members of the trade; please register with us.

A 9'x7'6"CustomQuick rug for a Summer House.

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