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Designing Your Custom Rug

To create your rug, we work together to choose or create a basis for the design. We'll illustrate the steps with a rug that was based on a painting by the artist Shelley Reed.


We'll look at and refine the design ideas together; in this case I removed the picture frame from the painted image. I also removed some small details. When we're satisfied, I  translate the design into a specification (called a rendering). 

RIBBONEDBOUQUET copymillready-01.jpg

Once the rendering is approved by the client it is sent to the mill, which produces a sample.  The sample lets us verify the materials and the quality of the work, and the colors.

When we've approved the sample the rug goes into production, which can take eight to twelve weeks. The first step is the dying of the wool.


The dyed wool is then hand spun and wound...


Photo by Peter van der Sluijs, used under GNU Free Documentation License

... and put on the loom.


When weaving is completed the rug is trimmed...


washed ...

stretched, dried, and then shipped.


We look forward to working with you on a custom rug to fit your exact specifications for size, quality and colors.

Write us from this page, or send an email to :  Catherine {at-sign}

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