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In addition to our regular custom services and our new CustomQuick  expedited custom design and manufacturing program, we offer these exceptional collections. Most of these rugs can be customized as to size, quality or colors.

Bespoke Creations These are rugs originally designed for and with individual clients. They are available to you and can be customized. At no extra cost we will work with you to design a carpet that is exactly right for your room.

Artist Collection Hand-knotted and hand woven wool rugs are based on the works of significant New England Artists.

Catherine and the artist Adria Arch examining the rug Ripple based on her painting before final installation

Contemporary Collection Offering a range of styles from classic to modern, including  cotton Dhurrie,  100% wool  Killim,  and exciting hand-tufted rug designs.

Grace, a 100% NZ wool killim from the Contemporary Collection

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