Frequently asked questions

How long does a custom rug from scratch take?

1-2 weeks to design a CAD for the rug. There is ampel opportunity for design and color changes. Once you approve the CAD we go for a sample. The mill will hand spin the yarn. The hand dying the yarn is time consuming, then the sample is woven, hand knotted or hand tufted. Whenit comes of f the loom it is washed and streached, then it is packed and shipped. When the sample arrives we check for correct color, scale, quality, and deisgn. If we did our job you will approve the sample and we will do for production of the rug. Once again, we can make changes and go for another sample but this will delay the rug an extra 3-4 weeks.I This will tkae approximately 8-12 weeks if hand tufted. Hand knotted, would be an additional month.